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German version

Pages (outside Germany)

Pages about municipalities outside of Germany start with the two-letter prefix according to ISO 3166, followed by a colon and the official name of the entity (in Latin script), e.g.

former municipalities (outside Germany)

The naming of pages about former municipalities follows the same rules as with former municipalities in Germany, i.e. the name starts with the name of the current (absorbing) municipality, followed by a hyphen and the name of the former municipality.



The naming of files (related to flags) to be uploaded should be according to the following rules:

  • the names of the files all start with the name of the municipality
  • The first letter of the file is capitalized (by default)
  • all other letters are in lower case
  • all special characters (such as German Umlaute) are resolved, just in case ... So ä becomes ae etc.
  • other diacritical signs should be ommitted, such as accents
  • hyphens remain hyphens
  • spaces and full stops have to be replaced by hyphens
  • if a name has to be differentiated from other similar named municipalities, this should be done by adding the abbreviation of the next higher main level, e.g. Landkreis (ed for Erding), province (to for Torino) or départment (67 for Bas-Rhin).
  • non-flag files get a special marker (see below)
  • a sequential number is added at the end
  • the extension for the filetype have to be in lower case letters, three-letter format, i.e. "jpg" instead of "jpeg" or "JPG".